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Welcome to Moonrise Wellness & Birth Center! 

This facility is a free standing birth center committed to offering a safe and evidenced based birthing option for our 
pregnant community. The providers who offer services out of this center specialize in personalized, empowering and clinically excellent care. Happy birthing! 

 With Love,
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| President & Founder

Dr. Brandy 

Water Birth 

From the moment the birthing client enters they will be greeted with a welcoming environment and birth team.

The birth suite offers clients a cozy, warm, and home-like experience. 

A spacious tub is available for use during labor.

Water is considered nature's epidural and also offers baby a smooth transition.

Your Birth Story Matters to Us! 

Moonrise Wellness & Birth Center offers a unique birth experience

where you have choice and autonomy over your birth.

Contact us today to learn more!

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